Holiday Gift Guide


Hi friends!

As we enter the season of chilly days and hot cocoa, it’s time to begin thinking about purchasing gifts for all the important people in our lives out of gratitude for all they do. This is my first Christmas as a broke college student which is really forcing me to reevaluate my spending habits, as I look to purchase gifts for my 45 close friends (that’s an exaggeration, but it does seem to add up quickly). Here are some of my top picks for presents this year!

  • Coffee Cups: I love giving coffee cups, perfect for hot cocoa or coffee. My long distance best friend and I always send each other a mug for Christmas and it is one of my favorite traditions! I adore the cute witty saying on this mug, but also love the less expensive mugs that Target has online here but I’ve seen some in store as well!


  • Stationery: Writing notes and cards is such an endearing pastime that I wish we engaged in more often. To spark some creativity, gift cute stationery like these lovely cards from All She Wrote Notes with cute sayings on them, or a floral printed set from one of my favorite brands, Rifle Paper Co.


  • Food: The gift of food is one that will never be turned down (especially if you’re giving to college students). One of my favorite inexpensive gifts is a Mason jar with a variety of candies inside. These can easily be taken to the next level with some holiday ribbon, colorful labels, chalkboard paint, or a combination of all three. One of my other favorite food gifts is a Mason jar with dry ingredients for a recipe like this brownie jar! These can easily be transformed into multiple gifts so not to let the rest of the ingredients go to waste. A simple option is a cute plastic plate and some of those easy-to-bake cookies with Frosty the Snowman or Christmas trees on them!


  • Vinyl Sticker: Stickers are a universally good gift. Stickers range in sizes, content, and color so there is sure to be one for everybody. Monogram stickersstate pride stickers, or any of these would make awesome gifts that are customizable for any of your friends!

Hopefully this has sparked some ideas for your own gift giving! If there is something you can think of that I haven’t listed here, please be sure and leave a comment!

Happy Holidays!


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