Making My Way Through Finals

Hi friends!

As the end of the academic semester quickly QUICKLY approaches, I find I am being overwhelmed with all the projects, papers, final exams, and study sessions with friends, and have really landed myself in a motivation rut. After being forced to write a 5 page paper in 4 hours because of my previous procrastination, it was time to suck it up and get my behind in gear (and if you know anything about me, you know this wasn’t an easy task). Here are a few things that helped me climb my way out of the motivation rut and get everything done:


{one} Change of Scenery

Studying in one spot can suck all the creativity right out of your head after a while. When I feel myself slowing down and feeling really tired, I try to find a new location to study! My go-to spots are the balcony, the library, and some of the lounges in the academic buildings. I really love getting outside though, especially this time of year when it’s chilly, because fresh air is such a nice change to the stale air in the dorms.

{two} SelfControl

…and no I don’t just mean having willpower. SelfControl is a handy app for Macs that allows you to put a list of websites into a blacklist. Upon activating the app for however long you want (up to 24 hours), that selected list of websites will be blocked completely from your access. It works scarily well. Once you turn it on, there is no way to turn it off until the time runs out, which is exactly what I need when I’m studying.


{three} Make a List

I make a daily to-do list in a small journal I carry around with me at all times so I don’t forget any tasks or project things, and I always know exactly what needs to be done. I always find it fascinating when people have beautiful journal entries that are so neat and tidy and compartmentalized like this aesthetically pleasing bullet journal, but I don’t have the patience for that, and my to-do lists definitely serve the purpose of keeping me on task!


{four} Snacks!

I’m forever munching on snacks in my room, and it’s so hard to concentrate when you’re hungry, right? I always make sure to bring a snack or two when I head out of my room to work on assignments! My preferred snacks are those that aren’t too heavy, like peanut butter or ramen, because those tend to make me want to curl up and take a nap. I love popcorn, almonds, Cheerios, and apples! Easy to grab, easy to eat!

{five} Pump Up The Jams

Whether I’m in desperate need of some motivation music, or  in the zone writing a paper, I love listening to music through headphones (never out loud, which will quickly drop my productivity level to zero). For motivational music when you really just don’t have it anymore, this is the playlist I rock out to. When I am studying, I usually just put a single song on repeat until it turns into white noise (lately I’ve been loving Love Yourself by J-Biebs and Towards the Sun by Rihanna), but sometimes a playlist is necessary in which case I really like this playlist Spotify has put together!

{six} Treat Yo’ Self

Sometimes the best productivity activator is taking a break. Walk away and come back to it later. Go get ice cream with a friend, paint your nails watch an inspirational video, go find a fluffy dog to pet, make yourself some hot chocolate, laugh, or a combination of all of the above.

Good luck on finals! Drink plenty of water, get as much sleep as possible. You’ll do great!



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